Walls & Tights



So what's the story with the tights you may ask!

The bottom of the garden required a retaining wall as it was about 2 feet above the patio so I built a slab of concrete for this.

 The slab of concrete was to bland so to tart it up a bit

I got one of those crazy paving moulds and paved the front of the wall ( it require a few galvanised nails in the wall for keying)

This worked well on the side of the wall but then I was stumped on how to cover the top and the top corner.

With a problem a waiting a solution, it kicks you, what I needed was some way of forming paving blocks around the corner for this I need a bag or something which was flexible and eureka cement blocks in tights arrived. (Well they used to use cement shoes didn't they)

The tight would act as a sausage skin just fill it with cement and lay it and shape it where it was needed. No need for any cement between, as the cement would seep through the tight and bond it. The tight would allow the cement to be formed in any shape giving an organic appearance to the new blocks.

(The mix was five parts sharp sand to one part cement plus a dash of plasticiser in the water)

Well this was to good of an idea to waste and before not only were more walls were made this way but so was the edging of the pond.