Mark II

At first the garden looked very nice but, I had made a boob with the patio.

To get the look I required I had used ceramic tiles, great for summer but with our winter frost  they began to blister and crack, so it was time for the Mark II

After marking it out  it was time to raid the wife's small draw and nick some more of her tights. Filled with cement these could easily be moulded to fit the dolphin shape.

The wife had always wanted a Dolphin so I thought I could do this. Now I'm no artist so I would need a few cheats. Firstly I got a dolphin picture of the web, then all I needed to do was to blow it up to fit on the patio.

To do this I used the grid technique where you draw it on the paper with lots of squares and then draw larger squares on the patio and then just copy the lines in each square.


 Patio MK11