Our first dog was Kelley, a Rough Collie.

Kelley was a lovely dog and so easy to train. By three months she was walking of the lead. Her instinct as a sheep dog always showed through as she would try and heard up any people that were walking near us.


It was 20 years after the loss of Kelley that we were ready for another dog. We were looking for a Boarder Collie and then we came upon Cassy a Norwegian Elkhound.
After our experience with Kelley, where you only had to slightly raise your voice to control her, it was a bit of a wake up call training an Elkhound.

 Elkhounds have a lovely temperament, very intelligent and very independent.
If you are looking for dog for agility training then an Elkhound is not for  you.
Cassy is lovely dog but we call her CBA (can't be assed) If her nose is down her ears are off.

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When Cassy was 3 years old we let her have one litter, these were born on the 1st July 2013

Cassy had 5 pups, 2 boys and 3 girls.

We called the puppies:

  •    Florence Florentina

  •    Duchess of Corf

  •    Ria Rialto

  •    Monty Cello

  •    Antarctic Wanderer


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 We kept one of the puppies, 'Ria' as a companion for Cassy
At first Cassy did not want much to do with Ria but now they get on well.

They enjoy wrestling together.

Ria liked to climb into the coffee table but she has got to big for that now.

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Cassy & Ria vidio pic   Dogs on Stairs

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